Kate Louise Powell is an illustrator and animal rights activist originally from Halifax, West Yorkshire, currently based in Glasgow.

After drawing recreationally her whole life, Kate started to take her artistic career more seriously in 2012 and produced a number of popular illustrations with the reoccurring motifs of flowers and butterflies. Since then she has experimented with photography, mixed media and paint, but still works mostly in pencil/coloured pencil and black ink.

Throughout the end of high school and during her foundation year at Leeds College of Art, Kate strove to create more personal and emotive portraits, and eventually discovered her niche by focussing on animal rights activism art during her Illustration BA Hons degree at the University of Edinburgh.

“Since late 2016, I have focussed on combining my two biggest interests to produce work that is emotive, educational, and deliberately provocative. I aim to use illustration to shed light on specific acts of animal abuse and morally inconsistent human behaviour, and to fuel conversations about how we perceive and treat non-human animals.”

Kate received a Distinction grade in her Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Leeds College of Art and a First Class degree with Honours after studying Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art.

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