Home is Where the Cat is

We were given a warm-up project at uni to get us ready for our final year of illustrating, and the challenge was to create two illustrations around the theme of HOME that are also inspired by literature/poetry/lyrics etc. Here is one of them! I read Bukowski’s collection “On Cats” and was thinking about how when I think of home, I first think of Rhubarb, my huge ginger cat.

A day after I posted my sketch of this idea, I was tagged in a drawing that was done by instagam.com/littlethunder that also shows someone sprawled on top of a huge cat. I did not copy this, you can check the dates and see that I uploaded my image the day before littlethunder posted their image showing the same idea. We didn’t copy each other, we just had the same idea on the same day at opposite ends of the earth! They are an amazing artist and I’m glad this coincidence has made me aware of their work.