Inktober 2019 drawings

The drawings from my Inktober 2019 attempt that I was most happy with.
“FRAIL” – this drawing aims to raise awareness of the plight of the smallest and rarest cetacean in the world. Right now, there may not even be as many left as are shown in the drawing, as it has been estimated there were only between 6 and 22 individuals alive in 2018.


“HUSKY” – three dog profiles, comparing the wolfish look of a husky, the still relatively long skull of a staffy, and the squashed face of a pug. The comparison explores how far we have warped and deformed other breeds away from their ancestors to suit our desires and whimsies.


“MINDLESS” – a badger trapped within a wire cage as a weapon is aimed at point blank range. The badger cull is inhumane, unscientific, and mindless.


“RECYCLE” – people seem more comfortable talking about recycling than dismantling/boycotting the fishing industry. Single-use plastic items are a huge problem, but they’re also a bit of a red herring. Ghost gear/discarded fishing equipment is choking the ocean faster than single use plastic items ever could.


“BAIT” – when thinking about the victims of sport fishing we may automatically imagine the large, majestic fish who are caught and turned into trophies, but what about those impaled on the hook? Here is a herring, mullet, menhaden, sardine, and ballyhoo.
“There are several ways you can rig these bait fish, but the most common is to pass the hook through the lips, eye sockets or nose for trolling, or through the base of the tail for freelining.” – excerpt from a fishing blog.


“DEFORESTATION” – this illustration draws attention to the issue of deforestation, and how rich and diverse ecosystems are being felled for the sake of cattle crazing. The threatened wildlife species featured include the jocotoco antpitta bird, South American tapir, giant otter, white-cheeked spider monkey, and a golden poison dart frog.

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