This year has been really intense and surreal, in part due to the fact I’ve been going through what feels like a lifetime’s worth of processing/catharsis concentrated into a few short months 💭

It’s extremely hard to put into words – truly connecting with and accepting myself, finding the ability to comb through and deal with the past, understanding how to live with certain truths instead of desperately hoping to let them go, the glowing relief and sensation of growth that comes from all of this. I flicked back through my old art and noticed how years ago I would tend to draw people in curled up positions with their back to the world, I think subconsciously that was an expression of my vulnerability, insecurity, fear… Whereas now I feel so at ease and capable – a feeling of being at one with my own self that I’ve never experienced until now. A sort of healing that feels like landing back in my own body after not being fully there for as long as I can remember… ☺️ The way I no longer feel suffocated and terrified is genuinely unreal.
This was cathartic and soothing to draw, but it feels almost odd to post it for all to see along with these words. This is a new world and I don’t have a map!

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