Halcyon Days

Here’s a new finished illustration, ‘Halcyon Days’ (vs. ‘Girl With the Hummingbirds’ from 2012 ) which is the first of a series of me revising drawings I did 10 years ago… I’m doing this as an indulgent introspective exercise, and to apply the new skills and concepts to my half-formed teenage ideas. I take the place of the model (from a random photo reference I pinched from tumblr), and hummingbirds are replaced by belted kingfishers (which have an intense and almost supernatural personal significance to me). I feel like I’ve depicted my likeness well here (based on my REAL face, not my front-camera-posing face) and I like that I’ve injected personal meaning into a random idea I had a decade ago… I think I prefer the vivid blues and purples in the old drawing, but overall I really loved doing this, and am excited for the next one when I have time! (although I think I need to quit self portraits for a little while – this is getting ridiculous now) 🪶🌼✋🏻

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